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Motorcycle Training: CBT DAS Motorbike Test Training, A, A1 & A2 Licence, Advanced Tuition
Rating: 5
Votes: 4
Reviews: 4
When I got there I was very nervous and not long after they assured me it will be okay, we started doing the course amd they were very helpful, very understanding and very patient with me. I had a lovely day, the coffee was very nice and the instructor was very good and understanding. I would recommend him to anybody who is wanting to learn how to ride a bike. 

Kevin Kinder

Hmmm...five star DEFINITELY ...I didn't LOVE it ALL the time. Sometimes I thought I must be crazy to be trying to pass but...Andy, Bob and Tony, always professional and with a fab blend of encouragement, constructive criticism, and humour made me feel that I could do it. Today I passed the mod 2 test. Wahoo! Genuinely y'all. ...Thankyou.
Sorry to go on but I need to add a PS. Yes. Of course they got me thru the mod 1 test too earlier in the week.

Eunice Leigh

Other than doing my CBT with another training school I had never ridden a motorcycle before, the instructors were extremely helpful and relaxed with me, this helped me considerably. Couldn't recommended them highly enough!

Mark Derbyshire

From the moment I decided I wanted a big bike I knew where I wanted to do my training. Had done cbt's before so I knew what it was like. Years on still the great service I knew. Andy and Pete took me through 4 days of intense course. Mod1 and mod2 first time passes and I'm now enjoying my big bike due to the professionalism and patience of the instructors. I would definitely recommend. Thanks again guys.

Mitchell Jones

What a fantastic experience I had. I took a Direct Access which through brilliant training and enjoyable rides out I passed first time. Proper sound instructors who advised me all the way very recommended to all. Thanks Gents

Clive Bates

All aspects of the training I received was very well managed and gave me confidence to pass my test by way of an intense course over a 2 week period. My final test was cancelled due to poor weather; however I was offered another date only a few days later, this was organised by the Pendle Rider Training Team (this was very important to me as I was travelling a few days after my traning). My thanks to the training team for accommodating me; I would strongly recommend this training organisation.

Nigel Ovenden

Bikes: In great condition and heated grips were much appreciated in November
Training: Informal but serious, just the right balance for me.
Instructors: All great (I've been taught by them all at some stage) and all were clear, patient and helpful

Phil Sootheran

The training itself was amazing, really clear and any mistakes were explained in the right manner and calmly. This gave me lots of confidence and allowed me to pass first time! As I have been riding for 3 years (nearly) already I liked how they was not teaching me to ride again, the just got me ready for my test.

Ethan Scott-Brown