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Pendle Rider Training

Andy Bradley - Owner & Senior Instructor

My first bike was a Suzuki GP125, back when I had more hair! Since those early days the riding bug bit deep. I remember having pictures of Barry Sheene on my bedroom wall, and pretending to be him (very badly) every time I went out. Over the years I've owned and ridden pretty much everything, and looking back if I'd have kept my favourites I'd now be in possession of a very large museum!

I 'fell' if that's the right choice of word into this profession almost by accident, having been involved in the biking retail industry a few years before, and having spent most of my working life involved in sales and marketing. Coming into this business it has made me realise just how much care we need as bikers these days to stay safe on our roads. So I made it my mission to provide a quality service to anyone wanting to take their first steps into biking. I like to think that over the years my team and I have managed to achieve this; our feedback certainly backs this up.

So whatever your biking goals are, come and have a chat with us. You never know what you are capable of until you try!

Pendle Rider Training

Tony Drinkwater - CBT specialist

Tony has been doing this for over 19 years now and knows how to get the best out of someone. If he says you can ride then be assured that you will be as safe as you can be. He has loads of patience and a great sense of humour; nothing is too much trouble for Tony.


Pendle Rider Training

Bob Ashworth - DAS / CBT / Advanced

Bob (or Mr. Miyagi) has more years than I care to remember teaching both as a bike instructor and as an 8th Dan Jujitsu instructor! He's been instructing people for a very long time, from CBT to advanced level and successfully seen hundreds of students through their tests. 

https://pendleridertraining.co.uk/couch/uploads/image/gallery/ajp_1258.JPG https://pendleridertraining.co.uk/couch/uploads/image/our-instructors/tony-drinkwater.jpg https://pendleridertraining.co.uk/couch/uploads/image/our-instructors/bob-ashworth.jpg