3 day A, A2 or A1 Licence

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3 day A, A2 or A1 Licence

Price: £490

3 day A, A2 or A1 Licence

Location: BB7 1RA
Duration: 12 hours on road

*conditions apply

Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, Boots, Waterproofs hire package available at £35.00 per course

Routes to your licence

3 day A, A2 or A1 Licence

A, A1 & A2 Licence

The above prices include test fees which are currently Mod 1 - £15.50 & Mod 2 - £75.00

This course provides a minimum 12 hours tuition

Not included is a CBT which is £120.00, or a Motorcycle Theory Test which is currently £23.00 and is taken at a DVSA centre near you. You can book this here and on-line learning material can be found here or contact us and we can do this for you.

The content for each course is the same, the only thing that will differ is the category of bike used.

The elements of the tests are as follows (these are the same irrespective of category):

For Module 1 you will be required to:

  • 1. Manoeuvre the bike safely and under control from one parking bay to another with correct use of stand.
  • 2. Ride the bike through a series of 5 cones in a ‘slalom’ configuration
  • 3. Ride the bike in a figure of eight whilst maintaining balance and control (this exercise follows on from the slalom).
  • 4. Slow ride in a straight line under control, usually at walking pace with the examiner following behind.
  • 5. U-turn manoeuvre between two painted lines without putting down your feet during the turn.
  • 6. Controlled stop, which is riding around the circuit, coming through the speed-trap cones (no minimum speed required on this) then stopping smoothly with the front wheel in the middle of four cones.
  • 7. Emergency stop, same as above but minimum 50kph ( with a 5% tolerance) and stopping under control as in an emergency.
  • 8. Avoidance exercise whereby the speed requirements are the same as for the emergency stop, but you have to swerve (either left or right) to avoid a cone.


The Module 1 test is allowed a maximum of five minor marks and the test lasts about 15 minutes.

For Module 2 you will be required to:

  • 1. Pass an eyesight test (if you cannot read the number plate your test will end here).
  • 2. Answer a couple of basic maintenance & pillion questions
  • 3. A road ride lasting approximately 35 minutes whereby you will encounter various elements such as:
  • a. Dealing with bends
  • b. Dealing with gradients
  • c. Roundabouts
  • d. Traffic lights
  • e. A variety of speed limits
  • f. Obeying and adhering to road signs and markings
  • g. Hill start
  • h. Angled start ( moving out from behind a parked vehicle)
  • i. Moving off safely and under control
  • j. Varying weather conditions
  • k. 10 minutes of independent riding
  • l. Correct positioning & rear observation
  • m. Giving signals
  • n. Use of speed
  • o. Hazards
  • p. Making progress
  • q. Overtaking
  • r. Meeting & passing other vehicles
  • s. Crossing the path of other vehicles
  • t. Following at a safe distance
  • u. Pedestrian crossings
  • v. Finding a safe place to stop
  • w. Awareness & anticipation

For the module 2 test you are allowed 10 minor marks but be aware that a repeated minor problem may turn into a serious fault. No serious or dangerous faults are allowed. The test is carried out under 2-way radio control with the examiner following behind on a bike or in a car.

No test comes with a guaranteed result, however we can guarantee that you will be properly trained to enable you to pass the test and become a safe and competent rider.


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