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About Pendle Rider Training

Pendle Rider Training

Motorcycling, biking, riding... whatever you choose to call it, it means many things to different people; freedom, expression, fun, exhilaration. Whatever your goal we aim to help you get there. Here at Pendle Rider Training we don't just do this for a living, it's a way of life, and we want as many people as possible to experience the wonderful world of motorcycling. Whether you just want to commute on a scooter, go touring the continent or join us on our many track days or touring days, we will help you achieve it.‚Äč

My instructors, like me are all passionate bikers committed to providing quality instruction and enabling our students to become safe and competent riders on the road. You are our priority.

Over the years we have successfully trained hundreds of students who have gone on to do many different things in their own biking ways, from stunt riders, road racers, track racers, enduro, round the world tourers, to even just a commute to work and back. Whatever your goal, we will go out of our way to help you achieve it.

Why not make us your first choice for quality motorcycle training? situated in the heart of Lancashire with fantastic transport facilities, we aim to get you biking!

Pop in, have a brew and a chat and see what you could achieve, you may be surprised!

Andy Bradley